This is what we’ve been up to lately. Awesome New Zealand wine company Invivo (who we did these billboards for last year) are a bit of a dream client.

It just so happens that megastar Graham Norton is a fan of their Sauvignon Blanc, and has served it on his show for a couple of years. Tim and Rob at Invivo were pretty chuffed about that, but wanted to take things to the next level.

Designing a cool label for a special bottling was an obvious way to go, so we did that and it looks awesome (says me!). You can catch a glimpse of it at the end of the video.

But then we thought, what if we got Graham to actually help us make his own wine?

So that’s what we did. If you didn’t see the Campbell Live piece on 24 April, here’s our movie. Cheers Invivo!

Thanks to: Tim and Rob at Invivo. Jonathan and team at Design Dairy, Daryl, Candace and Quentin at Spoon, Nigel at Sale St, Marise and team at Campbell Live and in London Glen Williams and Red Banana.