I didn't watch the Joseph Parker fight last night, and it doesn't look like a lot of my friends did either (yay, social media filter bubble!). Plenty of people did, though. Many via $50 a pop Sky TV pay per view, and a smaller but newsworthy number via various unpaid online streams.

Promoter Dean Lonergan didn't think much of this, and according to media reports has threatened – Taken style – to find the offending streamers and kill them. Wait, I mean sue them.

I'm not going to tell Mr Lonergan how to run his business, and I'm certainly not going to be rude about it (hell, he hangs out with people who hit people for money). But here's another way to look at what happened. "Wow, not only are there people keen enough and / or dumb enough to pay $50 via dear old Sky TV to see my fight, it looks like there are thousands more who I could possibly sell some sort of cheap ticket to as well."

That's not a threat, that's an opportunity. Turn it into a social-friendly channel idea and you're heading for a knockout.